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Not sure what class to use? See Permit Imprints

Service(s) Requested - Inserting Service
We only insert into a standard #10 envelope. A maximum of 8 inserts (4 folded and 4 flat sheets)
is allowed into an envelope. The Inserts that are not flat sheets must be in the letter fold format.
Please detail below what inserts will be going into the envelope, and where they will be coming from.


Service(s) Requested - Labeling & Tabbing Service
For our department to proceed with your mailing it is MANDATORY for you to fill the information
requested below concerning the size of your finished mail piece design.

All letter size self-mailers (mail not placed into envelopes) designed with a mailing panel that has
a permit imprint will need to be tabbed closed. We request that all flat size mail be designed with
the mailing panel at the top of the mail piece.

Labeling Instructions

*There have been several requests to make adjustments to some of the standard mailing lists. The first three main lists have been modified. Please check the contents of each list before you choose one to use. List #1, 1A, 1B, 1C, 2, 2A, 2B, 2C and 3 have been modified. Lists #4 thru #21 have not been modified.

Send Material To List #

Download Information

Please give us as much information as you can about how you will be sending us your file and its layout. Associate the name you give your file to the name of your mailing. Any file that is not in one of our acceptable formats will be assessed a conversion charge. Formats accepted are: ASCII COMMA DELIMITED.csv, or Excel.xls.

If emailing, email file to

Place 'x' on the fields from your file that you will be using on your mailing. If you have and want to use a field that is not listed below,
please write the field in "Other Instructions".



Other Instructions