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Web Site Address

Your web site can be known by many addresses. Every web site is given two addresses which are derived from your site name. Additional addresses (virtual host names) are optional and can be obtained from the Web Development Lab.

Another address for your site is its WebDav address. This is used when connecting to the web server to maintain your site, and is described on the next page, Using WebDav.

When you register your site you will be asked to supply your site name. This name must be unique on the web server, and must begin with a letter and contain only letters or numbers afterwards. All site names will be created in lower case letters. Examples of valid site names are: mysite, chem223, speak2me and reallylongsitename.

Below we describe the two addresses dervied from your site name, followed by an explanation of virtual host names.

Basic, Non-Secure Web Site Address

If your site name is mysite, then one of your addresses will be: This web address gives no security for transactions; that is, it is not protected by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

Secure Web Site Address

To protect your web transactions you can use the following address:

Note the addition of https://.

Virtual Host Names

You can obtain from the Web Development Lab one or more virtual host names for your web site. For example, you might obtain, and as virtual host names for your site mysite. Note that your virtual host name does not need to contain your site name within it.

Your virtual host name(s) cannot be used for secure transactions, only the host name can be secure. However, you could use a virtual host name to re-direct your non-secure traffic to your URL. Your users may find this more convenient.

Learn more about redirection.