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Race, Gender, and Ethnic Studies Reading Group

Building on longstanding critiques of race, imperialism, and capital in racial, ethnic, and feminist studies, the Race, Gender, and Ethnic Studies (RGES) Reading Group formed to discuss a wide-ranging set of critical problems for emergent scholarly work and what new forms of knowledge are possible within these specific and interconnected sites. We aim to engage discourses among scholars who approach the study of race, gender, and ethnicity from different perspectives and different intellectual and disciplinary sites. We anticipate negotiating new intellectual possibilities and approaches in the study of race, gender, and ethnicity. With our critical engagement and analyses of interdisciplinary literature, we also aim to explore interdisciplinary histories of the fields and their relationships to other fields, with particular interest in exploring how the possibilities of our discourses can inform the intellectual communities across disciplines at the University of Connecticut.

The group meets monthly. For inquiries, please contact Shayla Nunnally.