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The University of Connecticut Humanities Institute is pleased to announce its FELLOWSHIP AWARDS for 2014-15:

External Faculty Fellowships

Rachel Greenblatt, Harvard University, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, ''A Beautiful and Costly Procession': Jewish Street in Imperial Celebration-Prague and Frankfurt Festivities on the Birth of a Habsburg Crown Prince (1716)'

Joseph McAlhany, Carthage College, Classics, 'Language, Tradition, and the Scholar: The Fragments of Marcus Terentius Varro'

UConn Faculty Fellowships

Fakhreddin Azimi-'The Ascendancy of Khomeini:Illusions of secularity and rise of political Islam'

Frank Costigliola-'Kennan and Russia'

Martha Cutter-'Picturing Slavery: Illustrated Books and the Visual Culture of the Transatlantic Abolition Movement, 1820-1855'

Jeffrey Dudas-'Regeneration through Rights:Law, Family, and the Making of Modern American Conservatism'

Hassanaly Ladha-'The Idea of Africa: Hegel, Architecture, and the Political Subject'

Fiona Somerset - 'The Implications of Consent'

UConn Dissertation Fellowships:

Gordon Fraser, English, 'American Cosmologies: Race and Revolution in the Nineteenth Century', Draper Endowed Fellowship

Christina Henderson, English, 'Cities of the Future: The American Literary Imagination and World's Fairs, 1851-1909', Draper Endowed Fellowship

Beata Alexandra Moskal, Linguistics, 'Universals in Morphology and Morpho-Phonology',UCHI Dissertation Fellowship

Lucia I. Garcia Santana, LCL, 'Transatlantic Intellectual Meridian: Spain in the Configuration of the Argentinean Field of Cultural Production (1900-1950)', UCHI Dissertation Fellowship

We congratulate these outstanding scholars and wish them the best for their year at the Institute.


The Humanities Institute is pleased to announce that the following projects have been granted seed money as a Humanities Institute Initiative. Recognized both for their keen scholarly engagement and for their potential as recipients of major external funding grants, the following projects represent the best of the new digital scholarship in the humanities:

Anke Finger, LCL, 'ReMEDIAting Flusser'

Brendan Kane, History, 'Reading Early Modern Irish: A Digital Guide to Irish Gaelic (c.1200-1650)'

Gregory Colon Semenza, English, 'The History of World Literatures on Film: Web Resource'

Roger Travis, LCL, 'An open-source platform for practomimetic, game-based learning'

Fiona Vernal, History, 'Upper Albany Documentation Project (Hartford, CT)'

We congratulate these outstanding scholars and wish them the best for their year at the Institute.

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