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A Regional Ocean Research Plan in Support of Ecosystem-Based Management for the New York Bight is a proposal in response to a national request for proposal from the National Sea Grant Office for which the objective is to use Sea Grant's university capabilities to facilitate discussions among the broad range of regional ocean, coastal, and Great Lakes stakeholders to help identify and prioritize critical resource management problems and associated research and information needs necessary for practical solutions.

NY bight WatershedThe NY Bight region is defined as ranging from Cape Cod, MA, to Cape May, NJ, and includes Buzzard’s Bay, Long Island Sound, New York Harbor and the New Jersey shore. It also includes four National Estuarine Research Reserves and six National Estuary Programs. Each of these water bodies has its own bio-geographical characteristics; however, the unifying characteristic of the New York Bight region is that it can truly be called America’s “urban sea.”

A Regional Ocean Science Council was formed and charged with developing a research plan in support of ecosystem-based management that coordinates and integrates regional research activities within the New York Bight. The Council will identify management goals for the New York Bight, analyze what data and information are available, and create a “Regional Ocean Science and Information Plan” that identifies data, information, research, monitoring, and technologies needed to address ecosystem-based management, along with priorities, a timeline for accomplishing goals, and costs. Sea Grant staff would create an outreach plan for technology transfer of research and monitoring data and information through training sessions.

The general approach and timeline can be found here.

Additional background information as well as the details of the approach can be found in the complete NY Bight Proposal.

A summary of the project and results to date can be seen in the Presentation to Stakeholders.

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