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Molluscan Shellfish Brochure for Consumers

Free brochure describes safe handling of molluscan shellfish to keep them fresh and safe to eat. Download here

2016 Guide to Shellfishing on the Connecticut Coast

T. Getchis and Kristin DeRosia-Banick
This newly updated guide compiles information to help anyone get started in recreational shellfishing. It gives a rundown on what types of shellfish (clams, oysters, etc.) are found in this region and also includes information on where to go for permits, prices, contacts, etc. with information specific to each Connecticut coastal town.

Free: Download here

Evaluation of Fish Tags as an Attenuated Rights-Based Management Approach for Gulf of Mexico Recreational Fisheries

R.J. Johnston, D.S. Holland, V. Maharaj, and T.W. Campson
This report explores issues related to the potential adaptation of rights-based harvest tags to the recreational reef fishery in the Gulf of Mexico. State harvest tag programs for hunting and mixed hunting/fishing are also summarized, as well as eight of the better-known existing harvest tag programs in recreational fisheries. 82 pp.

Publication Number CTSG-08-07

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Goals and Concerns of Fishery Stakeholders in the Development of Catch Share Management in New England

Robert Pomeroy, Richard Pollnac, Alexander Maas, Jonathon Peros, Sam Grimly, Anne Hayden, Teresa Johnson

This report concerns the concept of catch-shares management in New England Fisheries. Concerns that stakeholders expressed in a Sea Grant survey commissioned by EDF to facilitate joint problem-solving are categorized and summarized. Free. Download here.

2006 Economic Assessment of the Connecticut Commercial Lobster Industry

Robert Pomeroy, Nancy Balcom and Emily Kieley
An economic assessment was conducted using questionnaires distributed to commercial lobstermen, in response to concerns about the lack of recovery of the industry from a massive die-off in 1999. This report compiles and analyzes the responses received.

Free; Download here

Royal Red Shrimp: An Emerging Deep Sea Fishery in the Northeast

N. Balcom, J. Leamon and W.I. Bomster
This report provides insight into the potential of a new fishery targeting royal red shrimp (Pleoticus robustus). The authors assess the market for a profitability of royal red shrimp caught off the southern New England and the mid-Atlantic coasts, and investigate the cost of outfitting a commercial vessel for the harvesting of this species. 24 pp.

Publication Number CTSG-96-01
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Ecosystem-based Fisheries Management

Dr. Robert Pomeroy
Conventional fisheries management focuses on a single species or stock and may assume that the productivity of that stock is a function only of its inherent population characteristics. Ecosystem-based management strategies recognize that both natural and human elements in the ecosystem must be taken into account in order to really understand fisheries. One-page (2-sided) fact sheet.

Publication Number CTSG-05-01
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Fisheries Co-Management

Dr. Robert Pomeroy
Co-management is an alternative management strategy that involves fishermen in the management process. There is greater local stewardship, responsibility, and enthusiastic participation in management when fishermen are active members of the management team. Find out how it works and the pros and cons in this 1-page (2-sided) fact sheet, intended for Connecticut fishermen, but insightful to all.

Publication Number CTSG-04-01
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Marine Protected Areas: an Ecosystem-based Management Tool

Dr. Robert Pomeroy
Because of their integral role in marine biodiversity conservation and ecosystem-based management, marine protected areas (MPAs) have recently emerged as an alternative for protecting fish populations and their habitats. 1-page fact sheet.

Publication Number CTSG-03-09
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Adaptive Management

Dr. Robert Pomeroy
Adaptive management relies on deliberate experimentation followed by systematic monitoring of the results from which fisheries managers or fishermen can learn. 1-page fact sheet.

Publication Number CTSG-03-10
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Rights-based Fisheries Management

Dr. Robert Pomeroy
A rights-based fisheries management system might include limited entry or access rights, input rights (fishing effort) or output rights (specific catch limits). The various forms and characteristics are presented.

Publication Number CTSG-04-02
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Summary Report on Long Island Sound Lobster Die-Off

Nancy Balcom and Penelope Howell
Responding to a resource Disaster: American Lobsters in Long Island Sound 1999-2004 is a report issued in 2006, which unravels the mystery of the environmental stressors that killed the lobsters. It summarizes the results of 21 research projects and conclusions of the research teams. Now you can follow the complex four-year, multi-million dollar research investigation of the massive 1999 die-off through all of its convolutions, via a newly-released summary report written for the non-scientist. Print copies available. Free, but $1.50 each copy for postage and handling. 22 pp.

Publication Number CTSG-06-02
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For more information on the Long Island Sound lobster mortality visit the CT/NY LIS Lobster Information website.

LIS Lobster Health News

New York Sea Grant and Connecticut Sea Grant
A user-friendly summary of the latest research results of the Long Island Sound Lobster Mortality Research Initiative. Topics covered include Pathogens, Pesticides, Environmental Factors, etc. Nancy Balcom and Antoinette Clemetson, eds. Illustrated, 10 pages.

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Free while supplies last!

3rd Lobster Health Symposium Program and Abstracts

Nancy Balcom, Editor
3rd Lobster Health Symposium etc. At this symposium in March, 2003, researchers presented the preliminary findings from their research on the Long Island Sound lobster mortalities. Results were presented in the form of group summaries, synthesizing the findings of many researchers representing many universities and laboratories working together on the problem by topic areas, using observations by lobstermen to augment scientific data. Free while supplies last. Postage charges may apply.

Seafood Buying Guide

Nancy Balcom
Make the right choices for your health, your dinner, and the environment!

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Seafood Savvy Newsletter

Nancy Balcom and Lori Pivarnik
Newsletter published by Connecticut and Rhode Island Sea Grant concerning seafood safety issues. Please contact us if you would like to be added to our mailing list! Published Bi-annually.

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Understanding Fisheries Management: A Manual for Understanding the Federal Fisheries Management Process, Including Analysis of the 1996 Sustainable Fisheries Act

R.K. Wallace and K.M. Fletcher
This second edition focuses on federal marine fisheries management as mandated by the Magnuson Fishery Conservation and Management Act, commonly known as the Magnuson Act. Fishery biology principles and the need for public involvement, however, apply to fishery management at the state level.

Publication Number MASGP-00-005 with Postage: $1.50

SEM-Pasifika Socioeconomic Monitoring Guidelines for Coastal Managers in Pacific Island Countries

Supin Wingbusarakum and Robert S. Pomeroy
A set of socioeconomic guidelines for sites in the Pacific Ocean, developed by the Community Conservation Network (CCN) with input from the Pacific Socioeconomic Monitoring Steering Committee.

Download free copy from this web site