University of Connecticut College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Institute of Puerto Rican & Latino Studies

Charles R. Venator Santiago

Assistant Professor of Political Science
Latino Politics, Public Law & Political Theory
(Ph. D, University of Massachusetts- Amherst)


The University of Connecticut
Department of Political Science
341 Mansfield Road, Unit 1024
Storrs, CT 06269-1024
Tel : 860-486-9052
Office: Montieth 204

Area of Speciality:

Political implications of contemporary Latino centered ideologies

Biographical Note:

Charles R. Venator Santiago holds a joint appointment with the Department of Political Science and the Institute of Puerto Rican and Latino Studies. He teaches courses with a focus on Latino Politics and Thought and in the areas of Public Law and Political Theory. His research broadly focuses on questions pertaining to Nation-State building in the Americas. He is currently completing a book-length manuscript on constitutional interpretation and the creation of spaces that belong to the U.S. but are not a part of the nation for constitutional purposes. Other ongoing research projects include work on the deportation of Dominicans from the U.S., asylum and the U.N. Convention Against Torture, and the ideological underpinnings of Latino politics and thought in the Western hemisphere.

Selected Publications:

Venator-Santiago et al., "Afterword: Change and Continuity, An Introduction to the LatCrit Taskforce Recommendations," 8 Seattle Journal for Social Justice (2009) 1: 303-322.

"Huntington's White Patriotism and Anzaldua's Brown Nationalism," 4 FIU L. Rev. 33 (2008). (peer-reviewed)

"Agamben's State of Exception and U.S. Territorial Law and Policy," 39 Studies in Law, Politics, and Society (2006): 15-56.


With Belkys Torres and Frank Valdes, Eds. Lat Crit: Informational CD, Resources and Materials Digital Production, (Version 1, April 2004, 1965 pgs; Version 1.2, September 2004, 8, 495 pgs; Version 1.3, December 2004, 8, 945 pgs; Version 2, August 2005; Version 2.1, Summer 2006, 25,000+ pgs; Version 3.1, October 2006; Version 3.2, January 2007; Version 3.3, June 2007).

Research Papers and Reports

The Extension of United States Citizenship to Puerto Rico, A Short History, Latino & Puerto Rican Affairs Commission (LPRAC), June 2010.

Rodriguez, Orlando, Charles Venator, "Projected Population in 2010 for Congressional Districts in Connecticut," Storrs, Connecticut: University of Connecticut, The Connecticut State Data Center, March 2009.

Et al. Latinos in Connecticut: Findings of the Connecticut Sample for the Latino National Survey-New England, University of Connecticut, 2009.