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University of Connecticut Logistics Administration Design & Document Production Center

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Inserting and Addressing Service can do all that for you in a fraction of the time and save your department money in labor and Postal fees. Just think about the hours it takes having staff inserting letters, or putting labels onto envelopes. This is very labor intensive and a waste of time and money. The average 2,000 piece mailing can take up to 2 days to hand label. Direct Mail can complete this same task in 45 minutes.

See requirements to get started...


Requirements for Services Back to Top

  • Mailings must be 200 or more pieces.
  • Mailing must be scheduled two weeks in advance by filling out a request form.
  • There will be a $50.00 ASAP charge applied to any short notice mailing.
  • Material must be delivered to us a few days prior to the mailing date.
  • Material must be in good condition for our equipment to operate properly.
  • Data base must be in one of these formats

Labeling Back to Top

We can label your mailing for you by using either pressure sensitive labels, heat sensitive labels or direct print addresses onto the mail piece.

Inserting Back to Top

We can insert up to six separate documents into an envelope, seal and apply the postage to your mail.

Tabbing Back to Top

We can apply a circle tab to any self-mailer to keep it closed.

Sorting Back to Top

We sort mailings by United States Postal Service requirements. This is what makes your mail get to its destination faster.

Database Download Back to Top

Use one of our on campus unit box mail list (Updated 9.6.13) database downloads or send us your customized off campus databases.

Merge and Purge Records Back to Top

Let us help you reduce your postage costs! Maximize your data by cleansing your files prior to mailing. We can merge/purge, custom edits, data enhancement and other data-refining services.

Postal Discounts Back to Top

By having your database sent through our postal software your mailing is eligible for lower postage rates. We have Cass Certified Software that is required by the United States Postal Service to claim these lower rates.

Delivery to Post Office Back to Top

Upon arrangement, we may deliver mail to the local post office.

Call 486-4218 for more information.