Southern New England 4-H Poultry Show and Showmanship Contest

Saturday, April 13, 2019

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Small Flock Info

Penn State Poultry Extension Resource Page
(Under Topics Index)

Basic Management of Small Flocks

Small Poultry Flock Management

Small Poultry Flock Owner Checklist

Breeds and Housing of Small Flocks

Small Scale Egg Handling

Small Scale Poultry Processing

Guinea Fowl Management

Common Clinical Conditions of Poultry

Poultry Diseases & Medications For Small Flocks

Chicken Coop Designs

Light Management for Poultry

Observing the Growth of Chicken Embryos Outside the Shell<

Incubation and Embryology for Teachers

Helpful Hints for Teachers on Incubation and Embryology
(UConn 4-H)

Poultry Ventilation and Housing

Scaling up egg production: management, markets, regulation and finances.

Sample Break Even Calculator for Small Flocks

Washing Eggs

Poultry Resources

ATTRA - Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas.

U.S. Poultry and Egg Associaiton

Breeds of Poultry

Videos on Poultry Managment by Dr. Michael J. Darre

Poultry Heath Issues

Avian Influenza Basics for Urban and Backyard Poultry Owners

Farm Plan for Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza - Pennsylvania

Poultry Biology

Small Flock Poultry Health

Poultry Diseases & Medications For Small Flocks

The Merk Veterinary Manual

Marek's Disease in Poultry

Diseases of Poultry

Respiratory Infections in Domestic Poultry Flock

Poultry Necropsy Manual

Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Poultry House