Nomenclature of Shanks and Toes

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33. Shank
34. Spur
35. Foot
36. Web
37-37. Toes
38-38. Toe-Nails
39. Middle of Hock Joint
31. Shank
32. Spur
33. Foot
34-34. Toes
35-35. Toe-Nails
36. Web
37. Middle of Hock Joint
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fifthtoe.jpg [18.3KB]
Illustration showing fifth toe in five-toe breeds.
skeleton.jpg [27.9KB]
Cochin Leg and Toe Feathering.
A. Upper Thigh
B-B. Lower Thigh
C-C. Shank
D-D. Toe
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Skeleton Showing Framework of Fowl
Parts of Wing
A. Thigh or Upper Thigh (Femur)
B. Thigh Joint
C. Keel or Breast Bone
D. Lower Thigh (Tibia)
E. Hock Joint
F. Pubic Bones
G. Lateral Processes of Sternum
H. Uropigium (Coccyx)
I. Shank (Tarso-Metatarsus)
1. Front
2. Bow
3. Bar
4. Secondary
5. Primaries
6. Primary Coverts
7. Wing Shoulder