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Emergency Blue Phones

Storrs Campus

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  • Emergency phones are located throughout the Storrs campus
  • If you have an emergency, simply press the button
  • Describe your problem to the 911 dispatcher
  • A police officer will be sent to your location


Building Name Grid Bldg.
Building Name Grid
ABL Agricultural Biotechnology Laboratory H10 INN Nathan Hale Inn & Conference Center D5
ACS Art Ceramic Studio C7 IPUA Institute of Public and Urban Affairs E7
ADC Art Design Center F2 ITE Information Technologies Engineering Bldg. E8
AES Architectural and Engineering Services C13 JB Jacobson Barn I13
AFB Athletics Facilities Building C9 JOCF J. O. Christian Field B6
AGO Attorney General's Office E6 JONS Roy E. Jones Building I13
ALUM Alumni Center C10 JORG Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts D10
APS Art Printshop F2 KEL Frances E. Osborne Kellogg Dairy Ctr. I12
ARF Avian Research Facility J7 KLIN Merle S. Klinck Building H9, H10
ARH Alumni Residence Halls D6 KNS Benjamine Franklin Koons hall F8
ARJ Jaime Homero Arjona Building F6 LAKE Lakeside Apartments G10, G11
ARTB Art Building E4 LAND Landscaping Services H9, H10
ASAC Asian American Cultural Center E8 LOR Arthur L. Lorentzon Stables I8
ATI Advanced Technology Institute Building H9, H10 LSA Life Sciences Annex E10, E11
ATWR Wilber O. Atwater Laboratory E10, E11 LU1 Livestock Unit I J8
B1 Building #1 J7 LU2 livestock Unit II J10
B3 Building #3 J7 LVC Lodewick Visitors Center D11
B4 Building #4 J7 MA Mansfield Apartments E1
B4A Building #4 Annex J6, J7 MAB Mechanis Arts Building E1
B5 Building #5 J7 MAN Harry Grant Manchester Hall F7
Barn Dairy Barn H10, H11 MB Mink Barn I14
BAT Batting and Pitching Facility B7 MCL Microchemistry Laboratory J7
BCH Charles Lewis Beach hall F8 MLIB Music Library F4
Bish Merlin D. Bishop Center G4 MNH Museum of Natural History D7
BOUS Weston A. Bousfield Psychology Bldg. E7 MONT Henry Ruthven Monteith Building F7
BRH John Buckley Hall G4 MP Motor Pool C14
BRON Arthur B. Bronwell Building D9, D10 MRH Brien McMahon hall D7
BSP Biological Sciences and Physiscs Bldg. E10, E11 MRNS Joseph J. Morrone Stadium B6
BUD John J. Budds Building F7 MS Memorial Stadium C8
BUSN School of Business D8 MSB Math-Science Building D10
CAST Francis L. Castleman Building E9 MUSB Music Building F4
CHIL South Campus Chiller Plant E5 NPRK North Parking Garage D11
CHM Chemistry Building F10 NRH North Campus Residence Halls E12
CLAS College of Liberal Arts and Sciences F9 NWA Northwood Apartments B13, B14
CMWH Commissary Warehouse H7 NWRH Northwest Residence Halls D12
COMH Storrs Community House G9, G10 PB Physics Building D11
COOPA New UConn Co-op D7 PDFD Public Safety Complex D12
COOPB Old UConn Co-op E7, E8 PCSB David C. Phillips Communication Sciences Bldg. D4, D5
CRU Cattle Resources Unit J11 PHRE Pharmacy Research E8
CS Career Services E10, F10 PLA Planetarium F10
CSC Counseling Services Center E6, F6 PPF Polo Practice Field J9
CUP Central Utility Plant E9, E10 PR Israel Putnam Refrectory B9
DB Dairy Bar H9 PRES President's Residence G5
DC The Daily Campus F3 PRLA Puerto Rican/Latin American Cultural Ctr. E8
DLO Dog Lane Offices G3 PUBL Publications Building F3
DODD Thomas J. Dodd Researsh Center E7 PU1 Poultry Unit I I12
DRMU Drama-Music Building F3, F4 RB Rosebrooks Barn H13
E2 Engineering II E10 RH Ratcliffe Hicks Building and Arena H9
EH Elizabeth Hicks Hall H9 ROME Lewis B. Rome Commons E5
EHSO Environmental Health & Safety Office/Radiation Safety Laboratory J7 RR J. Ray Ryan Refectory D6
ERH East Campus Residence Hall G7, G8 S M. Estella Sprague Hall G7
FAC Fine Srts Complex F3 SBF Softball Field B7
FES Farm and Event Services J7 SFSC George J. Sherman Family Sports Complex C9
FG Floriculture Greenhouse G10 SHA Storrs Hall Annex F9
FND University of Connecticut Foundation D10 SCHN Andre Schenker Lecture Hall F7
FO Facilities Operations and Locksmith Services C13 SPRH Lester A. Shippee Hall G4
FS Family studies Building F7 SPRK South Parking Garage C7, C8
G Grange Hall H8 SRF Student Recreation Facility C9, D9
GAMP Harry A. Gampel Pavilion D8 SRH South Campus Residence Halls E5,D6
GANT Edward V. Gant Science Complex D11 STRS Agustus Storrs Hall F9
GENT Charles B. Gentry Building E9 SU Student Union D9
GRE Hugh S. Greer Field House D9 TEN Tennis Courts C7
GRH Graduate Residence Halls D7 TLS George Safford Torrey Life Sciences Building E11
GUL Albert Gurdon Gulley Hall F8 TRH Towers Residence Halls G11, G12
H Marcus Henry Holcomb Hall G8, H8 TSAC Towers Student Activities Center G11
HA Hilltop Apartment Complex A8-9, B8-9 TSK Gordon W. Tasker Building D10
Hall William H. Hall Dorm E8 UC Undergraduate Center E8
HAWL Willis Nichols Hawley Armory F7 UTEB United Technologies Corp. Building E10
HBL Hommer Babbidge Library E7, E8 VBF Volleyball C7
HDC Human Development and Family Relations Bldg. D4 VDM J. Louis von der Mehden Recital Hall F4
HEW Harold G. Hewitt Building E8 W Edwina Whitney Hall H7
HH Honors House G6 WARE Central Warehouse C13, D13
HHA Horsebarn Hill Arena J7, J8 WBMA William Benton Museum of Art E9
HHSC Horsebarn Hill Sciences Complex J7 WCB Wilbur Cross Building F8, F9
HJT Harriet S. Jorgensen Theatre D10 WCTR Women's Center E6
HOCK Field Hockey B7 WGC Nathan L. Whetten graduate Center E7
HPH Historic Poultry House I12 WHIT Whitney House G6
HRH Hilltop Residence Halls B10 WITE George C. White Building H9
HRT HEART Program E6 WOOD Walter Childs Wood Hall E9
HSM Sports Museum C10 WPCF Water Pollution Control facility B14
HU1 Horse Unit I I8 WRH West Campus Residence Halls D7
HU2 Horse Unit II J8 WSH Hilda May Williams Student Health Services E10
HWF Environmental Health and Safety Hazardous Waste Facility J7 WZN Thomas Wolff and Arnold Zackin Natatorium C8
ICE Ice Arena B6 YNG Wilfred B. Young Building H8, H9
IMS Institute of Material Science D11      


Alumni Residence Halls - ARH, D6 Northwest Residence Halls-NWRH, D12
Belden Hall Batterson Hall
Brock Hall Goodyear Hall
Eddy Hall Hanks Hall
Ryan Refectory Rogers Hall
Watson Hall Russell Hall
Terry Hall
TBD New Dining Hall
East Campus Residence Halls - ERH, G7, G8 South Campus Residence Halls-SRH, E5, D6
Grange Hall South A
Elizabeth Hicks Hall South B
Edwina Whitney Hall South C
Holcomb Hall Lewis B, Rome Commons
M. Estrella Sprague Hall
Graduate Residence Halls - GRH, D7 Towers Residence Halls-TRH, G11, G12
Ashford Hall Jewell Hall Allen Hall Morgan Hall
Branford Hall Killingly Hall Catherine Beecher Hall Sherman Hall
Colchester Hall Lyme Hall Cott Hall Sousa Hall
Derby Hall Milford Hall Alice B. Fenwich Hall Trumbull Hall
Enfield Hall Norwalk Hall Alice Hamilton Hall Annie E. Vinton Hall
Farmington Hall Preston Hall Jefferson Hall Susannah Wade Hall
Guilford Hall Quinebaug Hall Helen Keller Hall Webster Hall
Hebron Hall Ridgefield Hall Kingston Hall Towers Activity Center
Lafayette Hall
Hilltop Residence Halls-GRH, D7 West Campus Residence Halls-WRH, D7
Ellsworth Hall Alsop Hall
Hale Hall Chandler Hall
Putnam Refectory Hollister Hall
Hilltop Suites Lancaster Hall
Shakespeare Hall
Troy Hall
North Campus Residence Halls-NRH, E12
Baldwin Hall Middlesex Hall
Fairfield Hall New Haven Hall
Hartford Hall New London Hall
Hurley Hall Tolland Hall
Litchfield Hall Windham Hall
McConaughty Hall


Building Name Grid
EOS E. O. Smith High School E3
FMH Friends Meeting House B12
GOC Greek Orthodox Church G2,G3
HILL Hillel House
HLC Hope Lutheran Church
MTH Mansfield Town Hall
SCC Storrs Congregational Church
SMC St. Mark's Church
STA St. Thomas Aquinas Church
USPO United States Post Office