John Gordon Troyer, Associate Professor


                      Department of Philosophy, University of Connecticut



Education:  B.A.   1965  Swarthmore College (with High Honors)

                   M.A.   1967  Harvard University (Philosophy)

                   Ph.D.  1971  Harvard University (Philosophy)


Experience:  1970-   Instructor, 1970-71, University of Connecticut; Assistant

                                Professor, 1971-77; Associate Professor, l977-


Professional Societies:  American Philosophical Association; Oxford

                                      Bibliographical Society; International Berkeley

                                      Society; Hume Society; Society for Philosophy and

                                      Psychology; International Society for Chinese



Honors or Distinctions:  Phi Beta Kappa; Frank Knox Memorial Fellowship,

                                       Harvard and Oxford, 1969-70; NEH Younger

                                       Humanist Fellowship, 1974; Member of Common

                                       Room, Wolfson College, Oxford, 1969-70, 1977,



Fields of Specialization:  History of Modern Philosophy; Normative Theory,



Research Interests:  17th & 18th century Philosophy and Science; Philosophy of

                                Economics; Wittgenstein.




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