On Clear and Confused Ideas


Appendix A

Appendix B


Chapter 1:  Introducing substance contents

Chapter 2:  Substances:  The ontology1

Chapter 3: Classifying, identifying, and the function of substance concepts

Chapter 4:  The nature of abilities.  (How is extension determined?)

Chapter 5:  More mama, more milk and more mouse:  The structure and developments of substance concepts

Chapter 6:  Substance concepts through language; knowing the meaning of words

Chapter 7:  How we make our ideas clear:  epistemology for empirical concepts1

Chapter 8:  Content and vehicle in perception1

Chapter 91:  Sames versus sameness in conceptual contents and vehicles

Chapter 10:  Grasping sameness1

Chapter 11:  In search of Strawsonian modes of presentation1

Chapter 12:  Rejecting identity judgments and Fregean Modes1

Chapter 13:  Knowing what I'm thinking of1

Chapter 14:  How extensions of new substance concepts are fixed:  How substance concepts acquire intentionality

Chapter 15:  Cognitive luck:  Substance concepts in an evolutionary frame1