Curriculum Vitae of Scott Lehmann


Scott Lehmann
Department of Philosophy, U-54
University of Connecticut
Storrs, CT 06269-2054
U.S.A. (860) 486-3579


Swarthmore College, B.A. (Mathematics) 1964

University of Chicago, Ph.D. (Philosophy) 1970

Current research interests:

Foundations of economics, policy analysis, environmental ethics



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1976 "An interpretation of 'finite' modal first-order languages in classical second-order languages," 41 J. Symbolic Logic 337-40.

"A first-order logic of knowledge and belief with identity, I & II," 17 Notre Dame J. of Formal Logic 59-77 & 207-21.

1978 "The Hintikka-Kripke problem," 8 Philosophia 59-70.

1979 "A general propositional logic of conditionals," 20 Notre Dame J. of Formal Logic 7-83.

1980 "Slightly non-standard logic," 92 Logique et Analyse 379-92.

1981 "Do wildernesses have rights?," 3 Environmental Ethics 129-46.

1994 "Strict Fregean free logic," 23 J. Philosophical Logic 307-36.

1996 "Privatizing public lands: a bad idea," 3 Hastings West-Northwest J. of Environmental Law & Policy 231-45.

2001 "No-input, no out-put logic" in Morscher and Hieke, eds. New Essays in Free Logic, Kluwer Academic Publishers 147-55.

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