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The University of Connecticut Philosophy Department Newsletter Vol. II, No. 5 December 1999

General Editors: Margaret Gilbert and Anne Hiskes
Editor of this edition: Margaret Gilbert

Welcome to the last issue of Cogitamus for this millenium! It reports on the period of September 15, 1999 to December 8, 1999.

Here's wishing our faculty and students continue flourishing in 2000 and onwards!

Our aim is to provide summary information on the ongoing professional achievements and activities of members of our department, and to provide notice of upcoming events.

Highlights: Graduate students on the job market and eight NEW Books just published or shortly to be published by department members!

Proposed items for inclusion in the next issue (expected publication date March 1, 1999) should be given or (preferably) emailed to



The end of this academic year sees at least eight new books just published or shortly to be published by department members. The books are:

The only problem with this surge of productivity is...does anyone have time to read anything??

Articles include:



Robert Luyster was elected a Fellow of the Academy of Global Economic Advancement.



Job Candidates:

Alumni News

Professor of Philosophy at the University of New Haven, Joel Marks has published "Charity Group Offers Donors a Moral Choice", New Haven Register, Sept. 15, 1999 and "A Method from my Mentors to Encourage Writing and Review in Introductory Philosophy Courses", American Association of Philosophy Teachers News, Fall '99 (which reports on a new investment option being offered by the Community Foundation for Greater New Haven). (Incidentally, Joel is quite a fan of Cogitamus...on this he writes "It's nice to feel I am still a part of my favorite philosophy department. I even found photographs of the brown bags on the dept. website: amazing!")

Joel writes that; "an essay that just came out in the American Association of Philosophy Teachers News (Fall 1999, Vol. 22, No. 3, pp. 4-5) is, in effect, a tribute to Cal Rollins. The AAPT is a wonderful organization devoted to what most of us spend most of our careers doing -- teaching philosophy. My essay is about a technique, which was generally inspired by methods employed by my teachers at UConn, but which I have adapted for use at the undergraduate level for nonmajors. And the main component is a device that, to my recollection, only Cal used, and to great effect."

Sporting events

A report from Adam Potthast: The philosophy grad student touch-football team (called the Uninstantiated Universals) just won its first game, 27-0 against a team called Six White Guys and a Hindu. Our record is now 1-1.

library news Library News --

from Richard Fyffe

I am very pleased to announce that Philosopher's Index is now available to the UConn community through a web-based service. It is accessible at any workstation on the UConn network at any UConn campus. You may also access the database from any web-connected computer (at home or while you are travelling) if you have a UConn PPP account or a UConn proxy account. To find Philosopher's Index, go to the Libraries' web page for Philosophy at: "" and follow the link for Philosopher's Index from there. The search screen is fairly straightforward, but I shall be preparing a short instructional guide soon. I will also arrange a short workshop on using Philosophers Index and Web of Science (a multidisciplinary database of book and article citations) sometime this semester or early in the next. (Please let me know if you have specific requests for the time or the content of a workshop.)

If you have any questions about connecting to or using Philosopher's Index (or any other library service), please let me know.

Have a wonderful holiday season.....

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