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The University of Connecticut Philosophy Department Newsletter: October 2013

This issue edited by: Daniel Silvermint

Designer: Shelly Burelle

Welcome to the 34th issue of Cogitamus! This issue shares the accomplishments and accolades accumulated by the faculty and graduate students of our growing philosophy department, from July 2012 through September 2013.


Department News

New Hires:

Our department is absolutely thrilled to welcome six new faculty members to Manchester Hall – assistant, associate, and full professors who bring with them warmth and expertise in aesthetics, Africana philosophy, existentialist philosophy, feminist philosophy, Jewish philosophy, language, logic, mind, moral philosophy, and social/political philosophy.

In addition, Dorit Bar-On and Keith Simmons will be joining us from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in Fall 2014. Dorit’s work is in language, mind, epistemology, and metaethics. Keith’s work is in logic, language, and Kant’s ethics. Further biographies for Dorit and Keith will appear in next year’s Cogitamus.

Career Developments:



This November the philosophy department will welcome Debra Satz (Stanford) to give a public lecture on “Markets and Corruption.” Debra Satz is a leader in the philosophical study of value and economics. She has published books and articles on commercial surrogacy, organ sales, prostitution, and other controversial markets. She is perfectly suited to the aims of the Parcells Lecture, which is meant to be a philosophical talk on a topic of public concern.

This September the Philosophy Department held a workshop on the duty to resist oppression, which featured a keynote by Ann Cudd (University of Kansas) as well as new research by junior faculty members from around the country. The workshop also included talks on virtuous resistance and autonomy in the face of oppression by our new faculty members Suzy Killmister and Daniel Silvermint, respectively. Thanks to Hallie Liberto for coordinating the event, and to the Human Rights Institute and the Humanities Institute for funding and support. The workshop also served as the kickoff event of the new Injustice League Lecture Series, which aims to bring together early-career scholars around the Northeast working on questions broadly related to social and political justice. Suzy Killmister, Hallie Liberto, and Daniel Silvermint will coordinate this lecture series.

In April, the Philosophy Department co-sponsored a workshop on Sex Trafficking and Women’s Agency with Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. The workshop welcomed back Distinguished Professor Diana Tietjens Meyers (Loyola University).

The department’s colloquium series brought in an impressive group of philosophers, including: Jason Stanley (Rutgers), Loren Lomasky (Virginia), Valerie Tiberius (Minnesota), Larry Shapiro (Wisconsin), John Burgess (Princeton), Gunnar Bjornsson (Umea University), Michael Glanzberg (Northwestern University), and Lisa Downing (Ohio State). Thanks to Paul Bloomfield for putting together this wonderful list of speakers and coordinating their visits.

The Logic Group had three visiting speakers last academic year: Bruno Whittle (Yale), Graham Priest (CUNY), and Igor Yanovich (MIT). The Annual Logic Lecture was given by Stewart Shapiro (The Ohio State University). And they have an exciting semester ahead of them, with five external speakers: Paul Égre (Institut Nicod), Shawn Standefer (Pittsburgh), Carl Mummert (Marshall), Zach Weber (Otago), and Tamar Lando (Columbia). There will also be four work-group meetings on paraconsistent set theory, leading up to a workshop on this topic on October 26-27. Thanks to Marcus Rossberg for coordinating.


Job Market News:

The department is proud to report another fine year of graduate student placement. Thanks to Jc Beall for his work as graduate coordinator, and thanks to Paul Bloomfield for his efforts as chair of the placement committee.


Graduate Student Awards:


Personal News:


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Bringing Philosophy to the Public:

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