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The University of Connecticut Philosophy Department Newsletter: July 2012

This issue edited by: Hallie Liberto

Designer: Shelly Burelle

Welcome to the 33rd issue of Cogitamus! Another academic year (and almost an entire summer!) on the banks of Mirror Lake has passed. This issue of the Cogitamus presents the accomplishments and accolades accumulated by faculty and graduate students of the philosophy department since July, 2011.


Department News

Career Developments:

Don Baxter assumed duties as the new philosophy department head on July 1, 2012, succeeding the redoubtable Tim Elder who served with distinction as head for 18 years. The transition has been smooth as Tim and Don have led a cooperative effort to win our department an unprecedented number of new hires for the Fall of 2013. Don Baxter held a charming party at his home, attended by faculty, graduate students, administrators, and family, celebrating Tim’s long term of service. Tim is not retiring yet, though! You will still be able to find him in Manchester Hall when school commences this fall.

Our department is pleased to announce two new hires, which were secured this past year, and will commence in the fall of 2013.

Further biographies on Suzy and David will be provided in next year’s Cogitamus, as both philosophers will arrive the following fall semester


Visitors and Events:

Visitors and Events:  


Job Market News:

The department is proud to report an outstanding year of graduate student placement. Thanks to Jc Beall for his fine work as graduate coordinator, and thanks to Michael Lynch for his successful efforts preparing these students for the job market.


Graduate Student Awards:

Congratulations to both winners!


Personal News:


Honors and Awards:


Forthcoming Publications:


Upcoming Presentations:

Responses to our work:

Notable Service:

Teaching Recognition:

Bringing Philosophy to the Public:


Emeritus Faculty Highlights:

Ruth Milikan anticipates the following forthcoming publications: "An Epistemology for Phenomenology?," In Richard Brown ed., Phenomenology and the Neurophilosophy of Consciousness, Springer's series Studies in Brain and Mind; "Spracherwerb ohne eine Theorie des Geistes." In Biosemantik. Sprachphilosophische Aufsätze, Alex Burri tr., Surkamp Verlag, 2012; "What's Inside a Thinking Animal" XXII Deutscher Kongress fur Philosophy (Proceedings); "Confessions of Rengade Daughter." In James Shea, ed., [Papers in honor of Wilfrid Sellars from the Sellars Centenary Conference] Oxford University Press; “An Epistemology for Phenomenology?” Conscousness Online Volume III, Richard Brown ed.

Ruth Milikan has given the following invited talks: "What's inside a thinking animal?," Munich, September 14, 2011. For a Colloquium on whether non-linguistic creatures act for reasons, at the yearly Deutsche Gesellschaft für Philosophie; "Natural Information" February 13 2012, talk for a workshop on information, University of Aberdean, presented via Vis-Link from Uconn; “Accidents” February 16 2012 John Dewey Lecture for the Central Division APA; “An Epistemology for Phenomenology” March 22, 2012, Neuphi Lecture, Boston University; “Self-signs and Proto-language” Keynote lecture, Proto-Language Workshop, March 30-31, University of Virginia; “Confessions of a Renegade Daughter, Plenary session speaker, Wilfrid Sellars Centennial Conference, June 6-8 2012, Dublin; Turing Centennial conference paper, “Natural Signs” June 22, 2012; Keynote lecture: "Deflating Socially Constituted Objects; What Thoughts do to the World," Conference on Social Cognition, Aarhus Denmark, Jun 25-26.

Ruth Milikan will give the following invited talks in the coming semester: "How Ideas Refer" Wuhan University, Plenary session speaker, Conference on Philosophy of Science, August 20, 2012; St Andrews University, “Are There Mental Indexicals and Demonstratives?”, Perry Conference; Talk for Dan Sperber’s 70 th birthday, Paris, December 15, 2012 ; Talk on naturalism, Tel Aviv December 18, 2012.  

Millikan and Her Critics is now in press. Ruth is slowly working on a book on natural information and “Uniceps” -- the things we really have instead of empirical concepts.


Graduate Program News

Incoming Graduate Students:

Honors and Awards:



Dissertation Defenses:

Dissertation: That F is G: Defending Quantification

Dissertation: New Directions for Mathematical Fictionalism

Dissertation: The Bounds of Defense: Moral Responsibility, Autonomy, and War

Dissertation Topics:

Notable Service:


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