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The University of Connecticut Philosophy Department Newsletter Vol. VII, No.1 January 2004


Welcome to the nineteenth issue of Cogitamus!  This issue covers news for the period of May 1, 2003 - January 1, 2004.  



  Honors, Fellowships or Grants



  Invited Talks (Conferences, Workshops, etc.)

  Major Work in Progress

  • JC Beall: JC's book Truth and Falsity (under contract with Oxford: Oxford University Press) is to be submitted in the fall of 2004. (He is happy to be done with earlier projects, so that the monograph can get his full attention. The trouble is that he keeps getting distracted by vagueness -- on which the monograph is not supposed to have anything to say!)  

  • Connected to the Truth and Falsity monograph, JC was happy to accept an invitation to write a major (60-90 page) essay on 'logical and semantic paradoxes' for a new (and, by JC's lights, quite impressive) eleven-volume Kluwer series in the philosophy of science. JC is contributing to the volume on philosophy of logic, edited by Dale Jacquette. On another related project: JC is a fan of the very useful journal Philosophical Books (Blackwell), edited by Anthony Ellis, and so was happy to accept an invitation to write a general-readership paper 'Recent Approaches to Truth and Paradox', also due at the end of 2004.

  • Diana Tietjens Meyers: Self and Agency, a collection of Diana's (mostly) previously published papers will soon go to press. Rowman and Littlefield expects the book to appear in 2004.  

  • Ruth Millikan: Ruth has a new contract with Oxford University Press to publish a collection of her essays on language. 

  • Margaret Gilbert:  Margaret has two book manuscripts in progress: Rights Reconsidered, and Social Ontology and Political Obligation. 

Miscellaneous News (not necessarily academic or professional)

  • DEPARTMENTAL NEWS:  The department wishes to thank Austen Clark and John Troyer for their great work with our recent job-searches.  We should have news on new faculty soon.

  • JC Beall has recently joined John Troyer and Sam Wheeler in the quest to master fly-fishing. JC finally stepped into the water (New Year's Day, 2004), and was lucky to catch a nice rainbow trout.  Some photos are available at the incipient "Beall Family Fishing site".




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