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There are three subcommittees, reflecting the three key standards: 

  • Governance and Commitment to Rules and Compliance

  • Academic Integrity

  • Equity and Student-Athlete Well-being

Each subcommittee will include 10-20 members.

The subcommittees will collect and review all relevant documents and other quantitative and qualitative data now available or developed by the University's Office of Institutional Research or other appropriate offices (e.g., Human Resources), interview faculty, students (including but not limited to student-athletes), administrator, and where relevant, external individuals, and develop preliminary reports responsive to the prescribed Self-Study outline.  There may be open hearings of the subcommittees, but if not there will be other mechanisms to assure broad opportunity for input.

The subcommittee reports will be reviewed and, where necessary, modified by the Steering Committee, returned to the subcommittee, and reworked by the subcommittee for final review and approval by the Steering Committee.

In each case, subcommittees are drawn predominantly from outside the Division of Athletics, but include members of the Division.  All members of the subcommittees will have full access to information relevant to the Self-Study process.

The Steering Committee and the subcommittees will, with the assistance of clerical support provided by the Division of Athletics, maintain meeting minutes and records of attendance.  Individuals assigned to complete drafts of subcommittee reports, the final reports, and the full Self-Study will be clearly identified throughout the process.