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University of Connecticut University Information Technology Services Identity Finder: Enterprise Edition

As part of the secureU initiative, the University of Connecticut is introducing Identity Finder: Enterprise Edition, a new software that is available for faculty and staff of the University of Connecticut for use on computers owned by the University of Connecticut.

What is Identity Finder: Enterprise Edition?

Identity Finder is software that gives users the ability to find and protect sensitive data on computers, helping to prevent data loss and identity theft. The University of Connecticut is using Identity Finder to proactively locate sensitive data in order to protect our constituents.

How does Identity Finder: Enterprise Edition work?

Identity Finder: Enterprise Edition works by searching the contents of your computer's hard drives for potential matches of PII (Personally Identifiable Information). Identity Finder searches for specific context, keywords, and expressions that only match information that is PII, and Identity Finder is advertised as being more than 98% accurate at finding PII.

Identity Finder can find social security numbers, credit card numbers, health information, bank account numbers, passwords, dates of birth, phone numbers, driver license information, Enterprise addresses, insurance information, tax information, passport information, and much much more. The possession of this PII on a machine is a risk that can become very costly if your computer is hacked or stolen. The information leak could potentially cost those responsible hundreds of thousands of dollars to deal with the repercussions of such an event.

Why should I use Identity Finder: Enterprise Edition?

Your computer(s) will have unprotected sensitive data that you may not be aware of. Identity Finder can locate this data, thus ensuring you can take the appropriate steps in case of a security breach and helping you comply with University policy, state and federal legislation.

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Help and Support

If you run into any issues with Identity Finder that you are unable to resolve, please take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions or the Tutorials page for possible solutions.

If you still need help, feel free to contact the UITS Help Center for support at 860.486.4357 (HELP).