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Report/Data Request Form

Please Note: The approximate turnaround time for a report is generally 3-5 business days, dependent upon complexity.

All reports will be supplied to the requestor electronically in Excel format.

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8. * Please choose which TYPE fits your business purpose.

Please Note: You can only select/submit one type at a time. You must submit multiple forms for multiple requests.

Type 1: Current/Active Regular Payroll Employee Reports - Including Emeriti.

Type 2: Special Payroll including Adjuncts
Please Note: Fall semester data is available for reporting on or about September 15th, Spring semester data is available for reporting on or about February 15th.

Type 3: Historical Types of Employee Actions within specified timeframes.


**Please provide the following additional information in the boxes below before submitting this form.**

9. * Briefly describe the data being requested.


10. * What fields of data do you want to see on the report? (eg. employee name, department name, job title, etc.)

11. Please provide additional details if not covered above. (eg. sort sequence, etc.)
Questions may be directed to Rob Boncoddo at 860-486-9302.