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This document is a guide for when and how the University, its agents, its tenants, and its programs should be in contact with the FMBIO. These procedures are provided in greater detail in the document known as "Procedures for Administration of Construction for Code Compliance and for Conformance with the Life Safety System Specification" which can be found at

Per Connecticut General Statutes, agreements, and policies, the FMBIO is the primary building, fire code, and fire prevention code enforcement authority for most construction in UCONN owned buildings. This office also is the primary Local Fire Marshal "authority having jurisdiction" in all University owned buildings, and on University owned property. The third major programmatic area is Life Safety Systems.

Building Permit Application Required: Any construction or alteration, including change of use/occupancy to any building or structure.

Fire Marshal Review or Permit Required:

  • Special Outdoor Events, Carnivals and Fairs and Parade Floats
  • Changes in building occupancy classes ie: residential vs. business vs. storage, etc
  • Review of all new construction projects regardless of the need for a building permit.
  • Review permitted construction projects for code compliance via the Building Permit process (above)
  • Notification of any required Life Safety Systems that are out of service
  • Determination of fire hazards and the correction thereof
  • Annual Inspection of occupancies covered in Connecticut State Fire Safety Code
  • Review of Emergency Plans
  • Fire/explosion and Hazardous Material Incidents Investigations
  • Tent Permits, Inspection
  • Use, transportation and storage of explosives, fireworks, special effects displays
  • Use, transportation and storage of liquefied petroleum and liquefied natural gasses
  • Upon receiving complaint inspect one and two family dwellings for smoke / CO detectors
  • Review/approve Fire Department access and water supplies

Life Safety Systems Coordination Required:
During planning and specification, add/delete/alteration, and testing/maintenance of sprinklers, fixed extinguishing systems, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, fire hydrants, fire pumps, etc.

Please note:
Whether inside or outside of structures, in nearly all cases of construction, renovation, special event planning, special structure erection, Life Safety System service/repair/installation, and building system alterations, the FMBIO may be required to be involved and may be a great resource for the project in question. It is the goal of the office and its programs to provide a safe and productive physical environment for the University and the people that come upon its property. We encourage any party to contact the office to determine if the office can be of assistance or needs to be involved.

Information is also available at the Fire Marshal and Building Inspector's Office website: